SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business,” is proud to bring you a practical workbook to help you pursue your business ideas. Small businesses in America account for 50 percent of the private workforce, which makes personal entrepreneurship a vital component of the American economy. SCORE, in cooperation with Sony, presents this guide for anyone who seeks to put their ideas and dreams into action.

SCORE and Sony share the common goal to bring useful resources to small business owners. This booklet is intended to be a concise primer on how to transition from a fledgling idea to a fully functioning, successful small business. The following pages feature practical information and exercises that will enable you to build a business plan, decide whether to incorporate and how, develop a marketing campaign, and more.

Sony is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed and has partnered with SCORE to make educational resources available to help small businesses plan for success. You don’t have to go it alone. Great resources like SCORE counseling and this workbook can help. It’s all about living your dream.

SCORE’s 10,500 counselors volunteer their time and expertise to help small businesses with confidential, free business counseling. Founded in 1964, the SCORE Association has helped more than 7.6 million entrepreneurs build, expand, and protect their small businesses. On behalf of SCORE, we are pleased to unite with Sony to bring this resource booklet to small business owners.

Counselors to America’s Small Business Workbook Cover