Betty Bennett believes that our beloved canines deserve to enjoy as high a quality of life as their human owners. After retiring from a 30-year career as an educator, she pursued her dream of working with animals by becoming a certified canine massage therapist.

In 2017, with a friend of 19 years by her side, Bennett started Ruff Rubs Canine Massage Therapy and Acupressure, offering in-home treatment to dogs in Saint Johns, Florida, and the surrounding area.

Bennett says that, just like humans, all kinds of dogs – active dogs, older dogs, anxious dogs, and puppies – can benefit from the healing and touch of a massage therapist. Dogs who have recently experienced injuries or surgery can also benefit – these animals don’t understand the cause of their pain, but they recognize when their symptoms are relieved.

My successes. 

Through speaking gigs and social media, she has educated the public on the benefits of canine massage – and in doing so, has increased her client base and revenue.

How SCORE helped. 

Bennett sees her SCORE mentor, Frances Fisher, as one of her business's greatest assets. Bringing a spark of excitement to each of their meetings, Fisher has helped Bennett market the business in unique ways, attract new clients, and meet people who would be likely to use her services. Together, the two have brainstormed key strategies to meet challenges, and Bennett has made valuable community connections that have increased business recognition.

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